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Captain Ghorayeb is a highly experienced yacht captain with many years of experience on the practical and instructional level. He worked for many years on the largest yachts in Lebanon before moving for a career as an instructor for the past years. He holds many maritime certifications including a Yacht Master offshore 200T. - from IYT (International Yacht Training/Florida), a Yacht Master offshore 50m 150nm Certificate from MARSATI-Lebanon, certificates for operating various navigational systems such as GMDSS, ARPA, ECDIS. In addition, Capt. Ghorayeb is an IMO certified instructor as per Instructor Certificate (L1) 6.09 and Instructor Certificate (L2) 6.09. During his career as an instructor he taught many subjects including Terrestrial Navigation, Chart Work for Yacht Master offshore, GMDSS & ARPA.