Note from the President

With the world economical crisis, it seems almost inevitable but to remain passive, yet with every crisis there is opportunity, and with every opportunity comes hard work. Our Academy was established in 2018 with one vision, one goal, one purpose to create job opportunities for the Lebanese Youth. We integrated the trinity between the corporate principles, the education standards and marine industry. And today in 2022, this trinity in practice is needed more than ever, to reinforce a generation of graduates able to embark the challenges of this era and maneuver the maritime industry. This major shift is required to sail in a blue ocean, and create a better future for these Lebanese youth serving their career development. A small message to our employees, to continue to serve our mission of preserving our talents and limiting immigration - from Lebanon to the world and back to Lebanon !


Pierre Akl


Established in 2018, International Maritime Academy (IMA) is proud to be the first in the private maritime field in Lebanon Accredited by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. IMA is a pioneer offering an exceptional training experience to seafarers in the MENA region.
IMA aims to create equal opportunities to interested candidates seeking new adventure in the open seas, and to every individual pursuing an extraordinary shift in his/her career path whether on local or international level.


Our mission for the upcoming 5 years is to enhance the maritime culture in Lebanon by spreading awareness among Lebanese youth to this field and its opportunities. By increasing the number of our licensed graduates, we can guarantee qualified crew ready to be hired by international and local companies – in both Shipping and Yachting fields. .


Our Vision is to become the Pioneers of maritime education in the MENA region. Thus becoming a hub of academic excellence, and globally becoming key suppliers of maritime talent.

Our core values:

  • Integrity:  Act equitably, with complete transparency with both our students and our employees.
  • Credibility:  Education has an impact on society and ensuring accountability in actions and outcomes will build trust and a long term relationship with our alumni.
  • Innovation:  Change is constant and investing in innovation is a must to ensure sustainability and optimal solutions, especially within the technological/digital areas.
  • Compliance:  Quality is a priority and although compliance to international standards is a must, yet we have set procedures to take one step further to ensure the best possible practices.